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Nationally renowned trainer and author, Matthew Margolis, has said of the German Shepherd... "I have trained thousands of dogs, and in my experience, German shepherds have been among the finest to train of all the breeds. They always excel as companions, as protection dogs, as a guide dogs, as hearing ear dogs, as search and rescue dogs, as bomb dogs and as a narcotic detection dogs. You name it and a German Shepherd can do it and do it well." *

Mr. Margolis has also stated "German shepherds are like no other dogs, because of their distinctive personalities and many outstanding qualities, which have endeared them to all who have ever lived with one. Their presence in any family is dynamic and stirs the deepest emotions. The German Shepherd experience is the dog event of a lifetime." **

*Matthew Margolis with Mordecai Siegal WOOF New York: Crown, 1994

**Matthew Margolis with Mordecai Siegal THE GOOD SHEPHERD Boston: Little, Brown and Company 1991